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Titre Benched
Titre original : BenchedVotez :
Acteurs : Eliza Coupe, Jay Harrington, Carter MacIntyre, Oscar Nunez, Maria Bamford, Fred Melamed, Cedric Yarbrough Benched - Benched
Réalisé par : Michaela Watkins
Durée : 22m
Année de production : 2014
Genre Comédie
Bande d'annonce : Aucune bande d'annonce n'est présente au moment
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Publié il y'a 4 mois
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Synopsis Nina is a dedicated, career driven corporate attorney who has a very public nervous breakdown after getting passed up for an expected promotion and now finds herself working as a public defender. Her personal and professional worlds are turned upside down when she joins the ranks of the legal world’s underdogs and very quickly realizes that the law isn't quite as fair as she once thought.
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