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Titre Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie's Winter Bow Show Votez :
Titre original Minnies Winter Bow Show (2014) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie's Winter Bow Show - Minnies Winter Bow Show
Acteurs inconnue
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Année de production 2014
Date de sortie 04 December 2014
Genre Animation
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Publié il y'a 4 ans
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Synopsis When minnie and her nieces accidentally take off in a hot-air balloon, they are sent on a whirlwind journey to the Clubhouse North pole! Now that they've soared so far from home, can they get back in time to prepare for Minnie's big bow show? With some "Mouseke-doodle-dee-do" magic from Snow Fairy Clarabelle and help from YOU, all their winter-wonderland wishes just might come true!
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